Hi, Im Rich, a Nature and Wildlife Photographer and You tuber based in South Staffordshire. 


I retired from 30 years in the police in 2010 and although I have always had an interest in photography, It was not until then that I was able to devote more time and money to my passion. 

My heart really lies in Nature and Wildlife and I think it's fair to say that, aside from my family, I am at my happiest surrounded by animals and beautiful scenery with a camera in hand. For me, just being outdoors is often enough because there are many times when you just don't get the shot be it  a stunning sunset, a beautiful bird in flight or a tiny insect.

I have always been interested in Photography from my First Yashica SLR film to my present day digital Canon 5d Mk4 which delivers superb quality images and although I have top quality L series lenses I am a firm believer that it is the person who makes the image, not the camera. The equipment enables you to get better quality and shoot in low light for example but I still say a superb image can be taken on any camera, including a phone.

I don't live near the coast, or near a wildlife reserve but it is surprising what is all around you, in your garden, in the local park, canal, graveyard. Insects abound and birds are all around. Most might not even notice such humble things as Blackbirds, Sparrows or Squirrels but take time to watch them and they are not only beautiful but fascinating. To watch and photograph these animals is a privilege and a joy and I couldn't think of anything I would rather do in my spare time.

As I get older I have increasingly been concerned about the way, as humans, we treat the Environment, the Planet and Animals. It really saddens me to see animal cruelty and our ever increasing need to expand into nature to feed and house our bulging population. Hippocratic warning coming up…… I have three kids, I have fished all my life, I drive a diesel car, none of which I regret, especially the kids, but I am trying to change the way I live slowly, I have Solar panels, constantly recycle and I have now stopped eating meat.

All of this now drives me to get more involved in nature and share this with anyone willing to look and I do this through my photography and more recently through my YouTube channel.