Moathouse Wedding, Acton Trussell

This wasn't just another wedding, it was the wedding of my one and only Son and his beautiful bride. It is something that had been in the planning for quite a while and seemed to be forever a way but suddenly here it was. The night before we entertained the groom and his groomsmen at out house where they certainly hydrated themselves well. The next morning they were round again for breakfast and getting ready. I had several shots planned in my head and I started off with the rings shot as I was fortunate enough to have had them entrusted in our care. That done, Deb's nephew arrived with what I can only describe as a loud muscle car in the shape of a bright red Mustang. It oozed sex appeal, speed, and testosterone, a thing of beauty and served so well to transport the Groom and Best man to the venue later. I got a few of the girls getting their make up done and then it was time to get changed. Suit on I glanced at the clock to find that I had no time at all and the guys were getting ready to leave so in the end I got none of them.

On to the venue then, The Moathouse is perfect. Near to a church, although not used on this occasion and backing onto the canal which gave a lovely atmosphere while we mingled and drank on the patio while eating mini fish and chips and hot dogs. 

We had organised a video of messages from friends and family who couldn't be at the wedding as they were abroad, and some poignant images of passed relatives. The staff were very helpful in getting this set up and I anticipated many tears later.

The speeches were done before the meal which worked really well as we had eaten something earlier so no one was desperately hungry. I have to say they were brilliant, I cried with laughter and emotion at the same time and all three did themselves proud. A wonderful meal followed interspersed on my part, with much hugging of family and friends and more tears. I know I am a big girls blouse but once you go through something like this it really brings home how valuable family and friends are.

The afternoon melted into the evening quickly as more people arrived and the room became a dance floor to which the younger members (and some of the older ones.... nice one Mom!) really got onto the swing of the day and had a blast. 

Before long it seemed, it was half 2 in the morning and I was ordering my final pint of larger with a few remaining friends in the library before slipping quietly into a happy coma. Breakfast was also excellent and shared with my wonderful family and friends. 

Bride and Groom are honeymooning in Barbados but I'm glad I'm still in wet damp cold England. In the end I got some images I am very happy with, not too many though as I was there to enjoy the day but enough to keep me happy.