Wheaton Aston Blessing

Last Saturday I had the good fortune to photograph a wedding blessing and party for some good friends, Vicky and Rob in Wheaton Aston church and afterwards at Bishops Wood village hall. The weather wasn't kind with strong winds, rain, clouds one minute and bright sunlight the next, all of which made for difficult photo conditions. Having done some indoor shots at the beautiful home of Vicky's parents, we managed to get outside in between bouts of rain but the wind didn't let up. Still I think we managed to get some lovely shots and all this despite me trying to knock myself unconscious on one of the low internal doors and that was before we had taken a shot!!

The day went really well, the blessing was held in the small but lovely church in Wheaton Aston and provided the usual photographic challenges with light and white balance but this is nothing unusual. I did try for a confetti shot outside, which , in a strong wind can be quite tricky but we went for it anyway, then onto a whole group shot in a small church yard. We eventually got everyone in shot but I needed to be up higher and having forgot my stepladders, and essential piece of kit, I was contemplating climbing onto the church wall. My wife and glamorous assistant, Deb knows me only too well and sensing doom, did some quick thinking and got me a chair to stand on. 

The party was at Bishops Wood village hall which had been wonderfully decorated inside, there was a live band who were excellent and the food was perfect. All in all a wonderful day.

Any wedding or blessing is not complete without flowers and my good friend Schmize did a perfect job. I can highly recommend her so please check out her page on facebook. I certainly hope I can work with her again at future weddings.