Joel & Tish Pre Wedding shoot

As part of my wedding package I offer couples the chance to spend an hour or so in a nice place where we can get to know each other a bit and get some photo's.  One couple who took that up was Joel and Tish who are getting married in March at the beautiful Pendrell Hall in Codsall Wood.

I suggested the West Park, a location I have used before and arranged a time of 4pm so we could catch golden hour. As we stood waiting for them to arrive, the sky greyed over and snow began to fall. I felt my plans crumbling around me.


However as they walked up there was the hint of some sunshine and not long afterwards we were rewarded by glorious if cold weather. We then spent a lovely 45 minutes wandering around the park getting some lovely shots.


I think Tish was pretty well frozen by the time we decided to head back to the cars but she never complained, even when I asked for a few final shots under a lovely Weeping Willow tree. The sun was almost down at that point so I got Deb to stand behind them with a flash unit with a CTO (Colour Temp Orange) gel on to simulate late sun and this is what we got.


We had a visit to Pendrell Hall recently and I really am looking forward to the wedding now as it is a beautiful location.