Youtube channel. Local Wildlife Episode 2

Last Sunday In took an early stroll around the two lakes on the estate where I live. The larger one is right next to the shopping centre and there is always people around, yet it continues to support a large amount of birds, largely due to the central island where a lot of them nest. The usual fare is made up of quite common birds such as Mallards, Tufted duck, Mute Swan, Black Headed Gull and Canada Geese but I also saw Little Grebe and I have seen other species over the years I have lived here. The beauty about a place like this, indeed anywhere really, is that you never now what will turn up and as I walked around a lady stopped me to tell me she had seen a Water Rail the previous week.

The smaller lake is situated towards the edge if the estate and is a fishing lake, although it is not really fished much. There wasn’t anything here that I had already seen on the large lake but one thing that did resonate with me was the litter. I was taking some video of a Coot when I saw that it appeared to be trying to peck at a submerged plastic bag and as I walked round I saw other such items in the water.

We have seen so much in the media recently about plastic in our oceans but we shouldn’t forget that it is everywhere and wildlife is suffering as a result, be it a Whale or Dolphin with a struggling with discarded fishing gear or a humble Coot trying to eat a plastic bag we need to be more responsible. It really saddens me and as I get older it bothers me more and more.

While this is sad, nature is beautiful and wildlife abounds so we should enjoy and protect it. I am trying to do my little bit by uploading these videos to share the beauty in Nature that is all around us but missed on a daily basis by so many people.

Here is a link to my second Youtube video