Youtube Channel. Local Wildlife Episode 3

After a failed attempt the previous Sunday, I got up early and set off on the arduous 5 minute drive to my location where I parked up and began my walk. I hadn’t gone 500 yards when I saw a magnificent dark Buzzard sitting in a tree. I scrambled for my camera but by the time I had messed about he had long gone. Lesson 1, get camera ready before you set off….

A short distance later I heard the distinctive drumming of a Greater Spotted Woodpecker up ahead. I stopped, trying to pin point where it was but as I located it’s general direction I realised I was walking on a gravel path. However I managed to move my quite large body fairly silently along the path where I eventually saw the bird, high up in a tree. I managed to get some shaky video and an image that was ok but not fantastic. I continued my walk, seeing several species of birds but I was not able to photograph them to any great success, due to a combination of the overcast weather, the far distance the birds were away and the fact that I was laden down with equipment.

Anyway after a pleasant 4 or so hours I was almost back at the car when I saw a flock of Starlings and Fieldfares feeding in a field. Almost immediately I saw that there was a strange bird amongst them, similar to the Starlings but very pale. At first, and from a distance, i thought it might have been a green Woodpecker, however having looked again and done some research I think it may well have been a Juvenile Roseate Starling. I can’t be 100% sure but In think it demonstrates that anything can turn up anywhere at any time, which is what keeps me going and makes each trip out into nature exciting.

I am just starting up on the Youtube journey but I am learning all the time and I realise that walking round carrying my Vlogging set up in one hand, camera in the other and bag on my back, makes it very difficult to react quickly to animals suddenly appearing as they rarely stick around for long. I think I need to walk less and try remaining in one place to get better results. Wildlife photography is all about patients and stealth, attributes which I need to work on if I want to improve.

Anyway here is a link to my latest Vlog, hope you enjoy and please subscribe. Thanks.