Youtube channel. Local Wildlife Episode 1

Well I finally got round to my first video blog, Vlog, video whatever you want to call it and I learnt a lot along the way. It is something have been meaning to do for some time now, I am an avid Youtube watcher, following several photographers both Wildlife and Landscape.

My set up if fairly simple, it consists of an iphone 8 and a Zhiyun smooth Q gimbal. I have recently added a Zoom H1n recorder paired with a Rode video mic which gives much better sound quality. I quickly realised one day that the phone recording is no good in the wind and indoors it sounds really echoey.

I am using imovie to edit them, fairly basic but for what I need at the moment it’s fine, and free which is a big bonus but I think if this continues I will eventually move over to Premier Pro. I already use Lightroom and Photoshop and they all work in similar ways.

I am also shooting some video on my DSLR, I have the Canon 5d Mk4 and this has been another learning curve, I’ve only recently got into video and it is a whole new ball game but with the help of Youtube I think you can learn pretty much anything.

For a musical accompaniment to the vlog, I am using Epidemic sound, a great resource with tons of great music.

All in all I think I have found something that I am really excited about, something that allows me to get out in nature and share my experiences with whoever wants to take a look.

Here is the first Vlog…. Local Wildlife Episode 1