Youtube Channel. Down the Cut Part 1

I had been looking forward to my trip to the local canal, The Staffs and Worcester which is about a 10 minute walk from my house so when Sunday came and the weather was good, I set off full of enthusiasm. Two hours later and hardly a bird in sight I was getting weary and beginning to think that this had been a wasted trip. Both the canal and a local fishing lake were almost devoid of birdlife and the wind started to pick up and after two hours I finally decided to go home. In the end I did manage to get a couple of nice images of a friendly Robin and decided that I would try and get back down during the week to finish off the video.

Friday came with a lovely sunny afternoon so I left work and managed to walk home, get changed and get down the canal in about half an hour. I managed to get a couple of images and enough to finish the video so I went home fairly happy.

I think it is important to create good content for people if you are going to put videos out there on Youtube but also I want to be realistic and show that not every trip results in magnificent birds.

I had also been struggling with sharpness of my images, something that I need to practice and try different settings and methods but I am confident that the more I do the better things will get. Photography, like most things in life, required patience and practice so every trip I take I am gaining vital experience and knowledge.

This applies to making and editing the video, something In have not done before and I am really enjoying it. I am using Apple’s iMovie programme which, while fairly basic, does all I want for now but I think I will progress onto Adobe at some stage, I already use Lightroom and Photoshop and they all work in similar ways,

I had always decided to do a couple of trips along the canal so I left looking forward to the next trip the following weekend.

Anyway here is a link to my latest Vlog, hope you enjoy and please subscribe. Thanks.