YouTube channel. Down the Cut Part 2

A couple of weeks later I set off down the canal to see if I could have more luck than last time where I struggled to find any birds at all. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, lots of birds singing in preparation for Spring and the breeding season.

Full of excited anticipation I set off round an area designated as a Nature reserve, but although there was plenty of activity, nothing was showing enough to photograph and the longer I walked round, the more disheartened I got. After about two hours and no photo’s I sat on a bench to record a short piece for the vlog and wondering if a middle aged bloke walking round a field was really compelling viewing for my few subscribers.

I was about to give up and go home when a passing gentleman informed me that there was a little Grebe further along the canal. This was fantastic news. I have seen them before on the canal but not for a long while and for me, the Little Grebe is one of my favourite canal birds, along with the heron and Kingfisher. After a couple of hundred yards I spotted the little bird on the far side as usual tucked in to the far bank. He immediately dived as I approached so I took up a position as close as I could, ready to capture some images and video. True to form, the Grebe, clearly laughing to itself underwater, surfaced further away, prompting me to move, and so it went on. Where ever I moved to try and anticipate its surfacing position, he cleverly appeared even further away. With some perseverance I did manage to get some images and video so I decided to leave the bird in peace.

Heading home I spent a few minutes watching and photographing some Mallards seemingly in some sort of courtship display which involved splashing around in the water a lot but actually made for some compelling video and photo’s

Satisfied I walked home, another wonderful few hours spent out in nature and with my best friends, the animals

Anyway here is a link to my latest Vlog, hope you enjoy and please subscribe. Thanks.