YouTube channel. Pendeford Mill Nature Reserve

After a while of inactivity for several reasons I managed to get out early one Sunday morning to my local nature reserve of Pendeford Mill.

I also was armed with a new camera body, the Canon EOS 7D Mkii. I had picked this up from a recent trip to the Photography show and I was keen to try it out. The 7D is a crop sensor camera which means that it effectively increases the focal length of a lens, so my 100-400 has extra reach. I was also using it witht eh1.4x extender which further extends the reach. All this is great but does come with some drawbacks of course, nothing is free in this world. Being a crop sensor body, the ISO performance is not as good as the full frame 5D Mkiv which has an effect on the shutter speed and also it further decreases the minimun aperature available. All these things are relevent when taking wildlife images as animals, birds etc are all prone to move about so a high shutter speed is usually a high priority.

Having said all that it was a nice day weather wise and I was able to get some nice images, including Raven and Nuthatch.

The reserve is an incredible place and right on my doorstep, can’t believe I haven’t been more often but I will definately be making the effort to go back.

I was pleased with the 7D overall but this was the first time I had used it and I was interested to see how it compared to the 5D. That will come in time but for now it was a great addition to my kit bag.